Email client

This is not DreamMail, the Chinese email client with a user-friendly interface, manage mail on the mail server, multiple accounts and users, webmail from within the program and much more.

Webmail client

What is an email client?

An email client, also called a mail program, is software used to manage and send emails through an email account. An email client can be installed on a computer, smartphone or tablet and is used to read, write, reply to and forward emails.


An email client often offers features such as organizing emails into folders or labels, composing automatic replies, filtering messages based on specific criteria, and searching for specific emails. Some email clients also have built-in calendars, contacts, and notes to further enhance the user experience.


There are several types of email clients available, including desktop clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird, web-based clients such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail, and mobile clients such as the Mail app on iPhones and iPads and the Gmail app on Androids. devices.

You can also manage and use multiple email accounts from one program, which makes it easier to manage and send emails.


Skins support
Templates Manager
Anti-spam filter
Webmail support, with auto-connect to server
Powerful mail search function
3 different layouts for your mail accounts
RSS Feed Reader
Manage messages on the server, with message preview
Support for SMTP, eSMTP, POP 3, Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail and Webmail protocols
Memo notes
Quick reply option
Multi-User mode (possibly with password)
Black and White Lists
HTML or plain text mail (quick swap)
Built-in backup and restore function
Send email anonymously
Express mode (deliver directly to recipient)
Voicemail (record and send)
And much more..

Multilingual, including German, French, Dutch
Portable, unpack package and start.
Create any shortcuts: Options > System > Shortcuts

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