I have been supporting DreamMail for almost 8 years, but as you may know, I am not the developer. I created DreamMail Europe Community website, because I thought DreamMail was one of the best email clients. So I used to spend some time translating into French and creating this website and forum.

But now, it's been more than a year I have no reply from Zeng Xiquan, and I cannot continue supporting this software without him. So I decided to end this adventure, and move forward.
So, I will *NOT* reply to future emails, and this page will disappear soon.

Also, a vulnerability has been found, and a Proof of Concept is available here : http://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/27805/ (thanks to loneferret)
I receive spams with trying to use this exploit now, so you MUST change your email software.

There are many email software available (Thunderbird, Opera Mail, ...), so you can check one of these to get support.

This community website is now over, so do not blame me, but I cannot continue this.

BUT, I will let the forum available, so you can continue to ask question and help others.
You can access it here : http://forum.dreammail.eu/

Thank you and see you on new projects.